Summer Soccer 2015

Welcome to the Athletes of Christ Summer Soccer Camp Our Goal is to offer children ages 6-14 high quality soccer coaching in an encouraging environment. Our staff will exemplify a lifestyle and create an exciting soccer experience for your child. There will be daily Bible times and participatory games to empower kids to deal with life’s challenges.

Program: August 10–21
(Monday through Friday)
Time: 9am to 12:00pm
Fee: $240 for the whole program
25 per session
Scholarships and payment plans are available for those who qualify

Holy Spirit Locker Room

The Holy Spirit is moving through our locker room in a way I've never experienced before. It's allowing us to reach a lot of people, and personally I am just trying to use this stage to share how God has been a blessing to my life and how He can be the same in everyone else's.

"I remember it like it was yesterday, the day I gave my life to Christ. I was in fourth grade, and I recall hearing and understanding the Gospel of Jesus Christ and walking down the aisle to give my life to Him." –Stephen Curry